Australia defeated by Pakistan

Hosted in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This is the premier one day series.
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Australia defeated by Pakistan

Post by Major Wedgie » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:51 am

And Afridi didn't even cheat will be the mantra for many Aussie fans today. Although at one stage the umpire was taking a look at some leather or seem mysteriously coming off the ball.

Australia's 34 match World cup winning streak has come to an end although technically we didn't win against Sri Lanka either. The other resolution here is that Australia can't bat. That's not really fair but it's sorta true Haddin top scored with 42. Michael Clarke made 34 and Steve Smith made 25. Ponting made 19 but took 57 balls to do it and his captaincy along with his batting was ordinary.

Australia opened with Brett Lee and I think Tait should bowl first. Tait (mostly) has a bigger shock and awe factor than Lee. That being said, Brett Lee was Australia's best bowler - by far. In recent times he fills the void left by Glenn McGrath with his line and length reliability. Don't get me wrong, he's no McGrath, but he's that closest thing we have. Lee took 4 wickets and at one stage was on a hat trick. The other two wickets were taken by Krezja and Johnson.

Ponting made some errors of captaincy which I think stood out. I think at least two wickets were lost to not-having-a-slip in place and Ponting then put a slip in only to pull him out again and have it happen again. I think Krezja received no-support by way of field placings, but i fairness Krezja should be saying something himself. Maybe he wanted it that way. There were times when the scene was a wicket keeper and a batsman and no one else is sight which I interpret as Ponting saying I'm expecting you to get belted all over the place. Ponting commented in a press conference earlier this week that he wanted more out of spinners but Ponting could have had one or two more wickets out of Krezja in this match.

Now we go into the quarter finals and will probably face India in the first match. Good. Bring it on. It will either be a hard lesson for Australia or we will step up to the plate.

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