Stop foreign E-Mails

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Stop foreign E-Mails

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We have recently started receiving mail from a "TuroCrulk" in a foreign language could this please be stopped and make him communicate in English or not at all,otherwise in next to no time we shall be getting this forum full of nondescript mails from Afganistan,tibet Qatar and god know what other nooks and crannies in the world......THANK YOU.
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Re: Stop foreign E-Mails

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We apologise for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to combat the issue, but the bastards just keep coming. We are blocking domains, IP addresses and email addresses and are currently looking into some hardcoded responses.

It's not just us it's an ongoing issue for lots of forums across the planet and we are doing better than most.

What does everyone think of the idea of completely disabling PMs? I'm not in favour of it personally.

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