Cricket Product Testers Required

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Cricket Product Testers Required

Post by SportsSafety » Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:22 am

I am part of a working group linked to Loughborough University in the UK, focussed on demonstrating the benefit of directing R&D funding to driving true innovation in safety and performance to equipment manufacturers.

We have developed a brief questionnaire that we would like to be completed by players actively involved in Cricket. In turn, we will do everything we can to respond with encouraging a resurgence of cricket product development. Our case would be strongest supported by information from as broad a cross section of the active cricketing population as possible.

Please click on this link or copy it into your address bar.

We are also recruiting for volunteers to test new equipment. You will have brand new custom equipment made for you at the cutting edge of sports design. All we need is for you to commit to giving us productive feedback on our products before they are released to the market.

This type of study has been performed very successfully in the past, as a catalyst for enormous development of American Football helmets over the last 6 years, including over 25% greater impact protection and real-time diagnostic player health information transmitted directly to coaches on the sideline. We are looking to encourage manufacturers to achieve and market real advances in player safety, with the belief that introducing such products will make sport more enjoyable, accessible and help people enjoy our sport for longer.

Kind regards,
Simon Patterson
Sports Safety Working Group UK

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