Watch Live Video of Cricket Matches

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Watch Live Video of Cricket Matches

Post by sajjadh »

Hello Everybody,

I am Sajjad Haider from Pakistan and i am a big fan of Cricket. Now a days i have not much time for playing cricket but i am very watchful player and now a days i am just watching cricket but sometimes its very difficult for me that i can watch live cricket matches in office. From few days i am trying to search those websites where i can see live cricket matches but i was failed, i don't know why other web sites always mention that they are covering live cricket matches while they are just updating scoreboards only. You know that everybody want to see live cricket matches like AUS vs SA, IND vs PAK, IND vs SRI. I try my best to search any website which can show live cricket matches.

At last i find a website from Google absence which is showing and covering live cricket matches. You can't believe me that how much i was excited that time because this website is showing p2p matches, mean no buffering. Everybody can see matches without any disturbance. If you don't believe me then tomorrow you can see live cricket match of IND vs SRI. You can see cricket matches at HiPakistan. I am damn sure that you will enjoy this website especially live cricket matches.

If you know any other website then please let me know.

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Re: Watch Live Video of Cricket Matches

Post by Rachel »

Hi there,

I can only recommend Eurosport Player which is apparently broadcasting all World T20 matches Live over the internet. Don't know if they reach Pakistan, but I know the service is available in Europe.

Good luck

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Re: Watch Live Video of Cricket Matches

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Hey guys welcome aboard, enjoy your stay. :D

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Re: Watch Live Video of Cricket Matches

Post by Sherlock »

i have only live scorecard site name.. and may be you know it... cricinfo

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